The Hidden Work: Poems Inspired by the Writings of C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis is one of history's most influential and thought-provoking writers. Like many others who encountered his impeccable work, his writings profoundly impacted the life and imagination of poet, Rob Jones. His writing engages not only the mind but the whole person. He has opened a wardrobe containing truth, goodness, and beauty, which has cultivated wonder within the poet’s heart and inflamed his creativity.

His imaginative and academic writings have inspired and bodied forth this book of poetry.Each poem in The Hidden Work arises directly from his written work.Accompanied by the poems are quotes from his books.Some of the poems extract C.S.Lewis's meaning, while others are what the poet extrapolated from his quotes.

In The Hidden Work, Poems Inspired by the Writings of C.S.Lewis, the poet hopes it will be an impetus that will escort you to the works of C.S.Lewis, engender a love of poetry within you, and awaken a longing to find the place where beauty originated.

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Re-enchanted, Poems for the Imagination & Inspiration is a collection of thought-provoking poems and prayers that elucidates and gives insight into the importance of the imagination as a critical faculty that bodies forth truth and gives us an inkling of a transcending reality that we all ache and long for.

This world we live in has humanity under a dis-enchanted spell that causes us to believe that science and our senses are the only reliable and empirical sources for truth and that this material world is all there is. This disenchantment can be broken by the power of art and objective truths. These poems aim to re-enchant the imagination and awaken minds to another world that is realer than real and truer than true.

These poems and prayers not only evoke wonder and the numinous, but they also give insight into the inner struggles of the human condition and ask the questions where is our hope in this life and in the life to come? These poems flirt with romance and the mystery of passion and affection that breathes life into the heart of the hopeless romantic. In Re-enchanted, Poems for the imagination, you will find glimpses of your life, your longings, and yourself.

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