Here Comes the Night

Check out the Book Reviews and Previews below of this wonderfully illustrated book to make going to sleep at night a joyful experience for children.

"Here Comes the Night is a wonderful, beautifully illustrated book that takes your child to bright colors and great imagination about going to bed at night. The author took his own experiences as a child and wanted to write a book that will help children have more positive experiences at bedtime and feel better about going to sleep. Knowing they are safe, and that bedtime can be fun is what this book is all about."

Such peace, such joy

like a warm soft blanket

A galaxy called fun

an endless world all mine

A symphony of sound

with crickets, owls and fire flies

An army of numbers

teaching me how to count

Dawn was on her way

she loves to brighten the day

"Here Comes the Night is a wonderfully written and illustrated childrens' book. One of the best parts about this book would be the fun facts that the author included at the end of the story. These facts are related to items that were mentioned within the story. Overall, I believe this book did everything a children's book should do, educate and entertain young developing minds."

"This book has bright and colourful illustrations. The text of the book, while nicely written in rhyme, is not my preferred subject matter or style. It appears to be a decent book to read to your young one. "

"The books jumps around a bit, but the illustrations are good and the overall message is good. I love the bright colors and how it embraces the imagination. "

With beautiful dreams

of flying higher than a swan

Another planet packed with toys

as far as the eye can see

A world made of candy

where my friends and I can go

And the letters

to help me spell my name