Rob Jones

An author of children and romance books.

Rob Jones is a singer/songwriter, and author. He enjoys going to church, reading, exercising, and getting lost in a movie. If he's not writing books, or performing music, you can find him spending valuable time with his wife and family.

Children's Books

Here Comes the Night

Rob Jones' book, "Here Comes the Night", is a charming bedtime story that will take your child to an imaginative and enchanting world that is filled with joy, fun, and peace. Going to bed should be a positive adventure and children should welcome the words, 'here comes the night' instead of having a fear of the dark. A beautifully illustrated book that will help your child look forward to bedtime.


Bad Boys of the Kingdom

Ethan Thorn and Zoe Edwards are a bad combination of bad boy and an angel. When you are rocked by love, all you can do is roll with it ... but will swimming against the current be too much for them to handle?

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